Can You Hear the Drums?

Ah, springtime! A time of refreshing and renewal after a long, cold and hard winter. Yet, it is also a time for war! In ancient times, armies stood down in winter as it was difficult to move, equip and supply an army in winter.  Winter was a good time to plan the spring campaigns and prepare to engage the enemy as soon as the weather broke and the ground dried out.

If you’re paying attention to the international scene, you can hear the saber rattling and see the primary protagonists positioning themselves as they jostle to gain some advantage over their adversaries. It really is quite predictable. However, I sense something new in the air this year. There is more contempt  being openly displayed as the rage against America is barely contained beneath a thin veneer of civility. I sense we are in for a rude awakening in the natural, then in the spiritual. America’s foes sense weakness at the helm and now display open disdain and contempt for us every time we take a stand, or voice an opinion. The crisis in the Ukraine is just another example of of how ineffective our foreign policy and diplomacy has fallen.

Look at what is happening:

  • the open castration of our military leadership
  • our force levels are drawn down to pre-WWII levels
  • the age and readiness of our current military machinery makes keeping one theatre of operations going extremely difficult
  • our national resolve to stand and fight for right is continuing to dissolve and dissipate
  • America is weaker now than she has ever been
  • our enemy’s are watching all this with great anticipation

I can hear the distant sound of war drums – can you?

2 Samuel 1:27 How are the mighty fallen, and the weapons of war perished!

Psalm 140:52 Which imagine mischiefs in their heart; continually are they gathered together for war.

I sense a great gathering against America, and the whole of Christianity. The forces of darkness are preparing for something sinister and they realize the time is ripe for a horrible harvest. We have never faced an invading army, but I think we will soon see just that. While all this is going on in the natural the torrent against the family continues it’s onslaught. Spiritual oppression is steadily increasing and coming against true Christianity from every angle. America is wallowing in blood (over 55 million babies slaughtered) in the greatest act of genocide ever perpetrated against any people, and lust and sin continues to abound as viagra and other enhancement drugs take an even stronger hold on a population completely and hopelessly obsessed with sex.

For those who do not have Jesus, the future is bleak and utterly hopeless. Only in Jesus is there any salvation and unfortunately, their eyes are closed and they cannot see it. Oh Father, please open the eyes of the people so they can see Jesus! Holy  Spirit, lift the veil from their eyes so they can see Jesus! Father, we pray for mercy for this people so lost. We pray for this people who once carried the light of the Gospel around the world, and are now so deceived and beguiled by the lies of our enemy. Father I pray you would raise up 30 mighty men in every major city in this land to light the way, to lead the people back from the brink of disaster and to rescue the hopeless and down trodden. Father, America needs revival! America needs to repent and fall on her face as a nation and seek your will. Oh dear heavenly Father, please don’t forsake America! We need you Lord! We need you now more than ever before! Help us oh Lord to turn back from the precipice where we are now standing and seek you with all our heart and soul. Father, you would have spared Sodom and Gomorra for 10 righteous people; please spare America and our people! Please help us as a people to turn back to you Father before it is too late… We know for the sake of the righteous, you have spared us this long. Help us Father to be salt and light as long as we are still here! Once you take us out of this world, it will truly be gross and prevasive darkness.  In Jesus’ mighty and precious name we pray. Amen.

One thought on “Can You Hear the Drums?

  1. I agree with you. America has grown weaker and weaker in the past several decades, made “ill” both nationally and internationally. As we depart from a Christian republic, we distance ourselves from God and those principles upon which this country was made strong!

    God help us…literally!

    Steve Pejay

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