Battered and Beaten

We watched the Passion of the Christ again last night as a family. Our three oldest children really watched it for the first time and it left an impression on them about what Jesus  has done for us - for all of us - that will not fade as time wears on. We will see … Continue reading Battered and Beaten

Positive Energy or Prayer?

Just for the record, I believe prayer trumps positive energy every time! For the last couple of months I've heard and seen people declaring positive energy toward a person, a situation or an event and every time I hear it or see a reference to it my Spirit gets angry. Why do we have to … Continue reading Positive Energy or Prayer?

Which Way is the Right Way?

I heard something from a teacher with the Search for Jesus team at the Billy Graham Evangelical Association the other day that really stuck with me: "If we don’t know where we are going, every intersection requires a decision." Think about that for a moment. It makes so much sense - just plain old good … Continue reading Which Way is the Right Way?