Is it already too late for the West?

Last night, my brother and I were discussing a few things. What is ironic is that we first discussed islam and their latest horrific and ghastly deeds; then we moved right into a discussion about snakes and how I was surprised to see so many active at this late time of year.

When I think about that – the two items do seem to go hand in hand. We in the west tend to fawn over moslem atrocities and do everything we can to not offend their delicate sensibilities by referring to them as terrorists or enemies of a free people. Conversely, they have no qualms about identifying us as their enemy and declaring that they will destroy us and everything we love or hold sacred – at every possible opportunity.

Today, the news is full of another beheading here in America – this time up in New York state. Last month, it was in Oklahoma. We had another one down in Tucson, Arizona and in other parts of the country too. This is becoming all too frequent and I wonder where will all this end? Have we fallen so far that we no longer have the strength or the courage to stand up against such demonic savagery? Have we lost our minds? Or, have we completely lost our morale compass and are no longer capable of discerning between right and wrong?

I am reminded of a time as a child growing up in the midwest. If we saw a snake in the chicken house, we didn’t ask questions or try to coax it move on – we simply killed it. If it was in the chicken house, it was after our livelihood so therefore it was fair game and it would suffer a devastating attack until it was no more. If we had a rattlesnake enter our home (and, I have had that happen), we did not take time to discuss why it was there or what it’s motives may be. We simply put it into another dimension as quickly and surely as possible.

It used to be if someone attacked an American, the same kind of thing would occur. We would ride to the rescue of those assaulted, attacked or kidnapped and we would inflict devastating shock and awe upon the subjects who had the audacity to attack an American. I know that doesn’t sound very politically correct and I frankly could care less what anyone else thinks of that statement. It was the truth and we need to reach way down deep inside and retrieve the courage to act the same way today against anyone who attacks our country or her people.

There is nothing unbiblical about defending oneself and ones family. We are under attack by merciless, cruel, demonic and despicable people who have no sense of right or wrong. They hate us simply because we are people of the Book – the Holy Bible. That’s ok – we just need to understand that and prepare ourselves for the fight that is surely coming. I like knowing who my enemies are – keeping them close if you will. The fact of the matter is that we do not fight against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places. However, this is manifesting itself through the pillars of islam and we will have to deal with the people infected with this hideous ideology.

Mark my words – there is a day coming – a reckoning for all those who hate righteousness, who hate Christians and Jews simply because they are Christians and Jews. There is an ultimate reckoning with the Lord of all creation – that will come later – I think. I am speaking about a rising tide of anger in the west against those who use us so despicably. When that happens, and it won’t be long – the backlash against terrorism will be absolutely devastating. We cannot continue to look the other way and live. While we try and avert war, and bloodshed we will only be pushed so far before we react strongly. We hate the idea of having to annihilate a people, but what can you do against such evil? We will have to react quickly and decisively to stop all this.

I do not worry about myself. But, I am very worried about the next few generations of Americans. Will they see and remember courage and bravery on our part, or only complete cowardice? If a man says he is going to kill you and your children – then, in my mind, he has signed his own death warrant. I will pursue that man until he is no more. I will not turn aside or grow weary. I will not relent no matter how many lies he utters to save his skin. When you corner a rattlesnake, it’s time to end the quarrel. Once and for all time.

Is it really too late for the west? Another thing we used to say in the midwest was “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”. So, don’t count us out yet. We stood by and watched Hitler wreck Europe and the Japanese ravage China (to our shame), and then when we were attacked – we cleaned their clock. We are watching what is happening in the middle east and we are taking notes. There is a reckoning coming on the horizon.

For the enemies of America – for the enemies of Jesus Christ, the Holy Anointed One – behold, your day is coming. Very, very soon. One my favorite scriptures tells us what will happen:

Romans 16:20 And the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly.
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.

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