The Days of Noah

I am alarmed and completely aghast by the attacks on the Donald Trump campaign trail. It sounds like the 1930’s and Nazi Germany happening all over again. People are hell-bent to ruin a good man simply because they don’t like his views? People are hired – yes hired to protest and all their expenses are covered so they can shunt them wherever the next campaign stop will be. The police – guardians of freedom and liberty – stand by and watch good people being assaulted verbally and physically simply because of their political views. – and offer no assistance whatsoever? Reminds me of the SS and then later of Stalin.

We are witnessing the implosion and death of the great American experiment! I read Romans 1 this morning and was struck by how closely the guilt of mankind described in Romans 1:18 thru 1:24 describes the America of today. We have fallen so far, and the descent is now steeper than ever with these latest demonstrations.

Everything good is being called evil and vice versa. Liberals are intent on installing socialism here in the land of free and the home of the brave. This is in complete disregard for history that clearly shows how disastrous that form of government always is! At times, I find it hard to believe this is the same country I grew up in. People have become so vicious, vile and deceitful – so self centered without regard for decency or what’s right – it is hard to imagine that this is America. It’s even considered wrong to love our heritage and our land! Imagine that!

Pretty soon, it will be illegal to mention the name of Jesus, the Holy Anointed One here in this land. And yet, we were founded as a devoutly Christian nation – but, we have lost our way and gone the way of Balaam. Wise king Solomon lost it at the end of his life by worshipping all the gods of the surrounding nations – the gods of his many wives. He forgot the God of his father. It seems so have we.

It was once said that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil was for good men to do nothing. ~ Edmund Burke

Why has evil advanced so far? Could it be because the good people are too tired to fight any longer, or that they have no vision or no voice? We must energize the moral majority again! We must breathe life into the dry bones and cause muscle, sinew, tendon and flesh to come upon them once again! Arise church! Arise! Wake up and shake off the cobwebs!

This election settles the fate of our country! I am certain of that! The time is now! We must get registered and we must vote – en masse! The enemy is counting dead men’s ballots! The enemy is selling baby parts and making a profit from the murder of innocence. We must engage now! If you love America – please encourage everyone you know to register and vote. We can swing the tide.

I only see one candidate worthy of our vote – Donald Trump! He is not a part of the good old boys network that has hamstrung our nation. He is beholden to none of these! Praise God! We need to completely overhaul Washington D.C and remove all incumbents as they have forgotten who they represent. They are our representatives and are not there to line their pockets. The republicans are no better or worse than the democrats as they are all in cahoots in their plan to destroy us. That can be the only reason for the evil we see daily now. Roust them all out! The supreme court too! Let’s take back our country!

God, please help us! God bless the United States of America! Father, please help us to humble ourselves before you, to repent of all our wickedness and then please heal our land! Restore us beneath your wings as one nation under God and give us godly leadership in this land once again! I pray in the name of Jesus! The Holy One of Israel! Amen!

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