National Righteousness

Many people and this includes Christians too, are adamantly opposed to supporting Donald Trump for president. They cite one thing after another, mostly without supporting facts. The media is absolutely behind a plan to paint Donald Trump as a racist, a bigot and a homophobe. None of this is true. All you have to do is listen to the man speak on these things and you will hear the truth.

Does he occasionally say something that ruffles feathers? Yes, and so do I. Does he sometimes put his foot in his own mouth? Yes, and so do I. Is he the hater he is portrayed as? No, he is not and neither are dedicated and loyal Christians who make up the majority of this country although we are cast in that light by the same media that is trying to destroy Donald Trump.

The truth is the media, and hard left, and liberals in this country are in cahoots and their agenda is to radically transform this country into a socialist utopia where they can line their pockets from our hard work and generosity. The media is not objective any longer. They have their own agenda and it is not for the good of this country or its citizens, and that is a fact. Their way is the way to deal hand destruction. Our very national righteousness is at stake.

For some time now, we have been under assault and the media has played a large role in covering that up. The infiltrators have completely taken over our education system, all media and news outlets and they now want every avenue opened to your wallet. They will not be happy until they have completely destroyed this country.

For those who have been around long enough – remember how they vilified Ronald Reagan and yet the American people could see through all that. We need another strong leader like that now! Is Donald Trump a Christian? I think so. He says he is. Is he a perfect Christian? No, I’ve yet to see one of those. Stop and think for a minute – does all the hype over Donald Trump’s shortcomings and the vicious attacks on Donald Trump have an agenda?

You can bet it does! The agenda is to not allow any shred of decency or moral rectitude to have a stand left in this country! If we ever needed a man like Donald Trump, it is now! I have no qualms about supporting him over those opposed to him – just open your eyes and look! Everything opposed to God and Jesus is wrapped up in Hillary and Bernie. If either of them get into office, we are doomed and God has given us over to wickedness. Please pray that does not happen.

Donald Trump may not be perfect, but I pray for him and his family and that the Lord will bless them, protect them and give them godly wisdom. We all come to Jesus just as we are – no airs, no qualifications and no righteousness ~ until we receive the Lord of Righteousness! Jesus makes us righteous. He sets us free from all the religiosity of man! Praise God! Pray for the Trump family! Pray for the Clinton and Sanders families too. But, whatever you do – get out and register and vote for Donald Trump! We need to turn back to righteousness as a nation.

Father, please open the eyes of the people of this country to see what is being foisted upon them. Help us Lord to take courage and declare the truth – no matter who is opposed to it. Help us stand against wickedness and against everything that is opposed to you and your word. Help us Father to become the people we were created to be and to stand for righteousness even when it is against everything the world says and wants. Give us wisdom Father and help us to humble ourselves before you, to repent of our wickedness and then please heal our land by giving us godly wise leaders. We pray in the name of Jesus! Amen!

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