God had a Plan and God Raised up a Man

As I was reading and meditating on Genesis 41 this morning, it occurred to me that God had a plan all along – not only for Jacob, Joseph and the twelve patriarchs – but, also for the world in general.

Over and over we read in the Bible how affliction or oppression came upon God’s people and God raised up a man to rescue them. From the time Joseph was small, he had dreams and God gave him the interpretation of those dreams. In fact, he became quite adept at deciphering dreams. So adept, he was able to tell two of pharaoh’s servants their dreams which happened exactly as he had interpreted. Then, he was able to tell pharaoh himself the meaning of his dreams.  Yet, in all this, he never took credit for this ability.

When pharaoh asked him if he was able to interpret dreams, Joseph’s reply was “It is not in me. God will give pharaoh a favorable answer.” Joseph knew the ability was from God and not himself and he took no credit for what only God could do.

In another place, I am reminded the Word says that Moses was the meekest man on earth. God raised up Samson to smite the philistines, David to destroy the Amalekites because Saul didn’t finish the work as he was bade. Over and Over again, God raised up men to accomplish his purposes.

We know that Jesus was not sent as an afterthought. God had a plan for our deliverance and his name is Yeshua Hamashiach – the Anointed One – the Christos or Christ. From the very beginning, God’s plan was to redeem mankind. Praise God!

And yet, in every generation there is a need for leadership, for decisive action and for boots on the ground if you will permit the analogy. And, I think that Donald Trump is the man God has raised up for this time, to rescue the American people from socialism and the ways of the world. Lord knows we need the help, and we have been humbling ourselves and praying for his help for the last eight years. God bless Donald Trump, and his family and all his advisors and counselors. May the Lord grant him great favor, great courage and strength and great wisdom to lead our land out of the present darkness! May the Lord bless him and his family, and shield and protect them from all evil, illness and malice. May the Lord shatter the teeth of his enemies and render them powerless. I pray in the name of Jesus! Amen!

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