Election – to vote or not?

This election in November is the most important election in our history.  We stand on the precipice of either great good or great evil, and the fate of our country lies within our ability to grasp the times we face, and to stand and be counted. We must vote!

If Christians will register and vote in mass and in accordance with God’s Word and biblical principles – we can carry the day. What is on the line this November?

Absolutely everything we hold dear!

Communists, socialists and the enemy of our souls want to tear this nation to pieces and turn it into another third world country. They want our money – and they’ll steal it. They want our resources – and they’ll steal them. They want the hearts and minds of our children – and they are trying to steal them now!

Everything sacred or holy, with any hint of righteousness is under attack. The assault is only beginning – we are going to face trying times and desperate situations. My Spirit bears witness of this. These will be days to try the souls of men!

We were given a God given reprieve when Donald Trump won the last presidential election. I believe God directly intervened in that election and answered the prayer of his steadfast saints in this land who had been praying 2 Chronicles 7:14 for years. Now, it’s up to us to stand by that and reinforce this opportunity. I believe our reprieve is temporary and will last only so long as we are steadfast in maintaining it. Should we waiver, the enemy will pounce and the coup de gras will be delivered – the final death blow to freedom.

We must vote for the candidates who speak life, support life and biblical values. To quote Bill Wilson, from the www.dailyjot.com

“Do what you will, but understand you have the power of the vote and you should exercise it. For me, the criteria I use is the overall moral barometer. I weigh whether the candidate has a socialist or communist lean-for both are against God. Are they pro-life? Are they pro-marriage? Do they believe in free speech, or do they wish to impose soft tyranny by labeling people who disagree with them? Who supports them? Are they willing to ruin a person’s life to advance their party’s agenda? Do they promote their views with direct language or do they skirt issues to deceive? These are all part of the Christian discerning voter’s guide.”

If you’re reading this and not registered to vote, get registered. And, then go vote in this election. Make your voice heard. We must stand and fight for what is right, for our freedom, our country, our homes and our loved ones.

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for a clean sweep this fall in the elections in our country. I pray for Godly leadership for every level of government from the President down to the lowest municipal level – that every candidate elected would be the one who honors you and your word. Replace all those politicians who are in this for their own agendas, to line their own pockets and to kill, steal and destroy – that’s those who support the enemy. Replace them with godly righteous people who will put their country above their own desires and obey you and your commands. Help us oh Lord! We need you to Arise and come to our aid Father. Evil and wickedness desire the day – but you will prevail and have your way oh Lord! We declare that Jesus is Lord of America – now and forever! We will serve no king but Jesus Christ – the Holy Anointed One! We pray in Jesus’ matchless name. Amen.

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