Moment by Moment

I’m not sure if you’re like me or not, but I tend to get discouraged and overwhelmed by the hatred and animosity of people who seem to hate everything that is good. What I tend to forget is that I once was like that too. Before Jesus rescued me, I was not a very pleasant man, not was I fun to be around. I didn’t change because I wanted to, I changed because of the love of God! God changed me!

We need to remember where we came from and that God deals with each one of us individually – He knows us better than we know ourselves and He knows what we need! Thank God for God! Thank God for his mercy and his grace! And, thank God he loves us too much to leave us as He found us!

I recently picked up a little book at St. Isidore’s Roman Catholic Church that has brought me up short and reminded me of what is really important. God saved me by myself – it was an epic event for me – he didn’t speak to me in a crowd of people. We can change the world one life at a time by creating Holy Moments every chance we can, and reaching out and loving people – after all, that’s what all of us really need. The book I’m referring to is entitled ‘The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity’, by Matthew Kelly.

It talks about four of life’s biggest questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I here for?
  • What matters most?
  • What matters least?

Our influence is through our thoughts, words and actions. We touch and affect people everyday, and we can choose to do the right thing in every situation. We have a choice – to create a Holy Moment or not. What is a Holy Moment?

A Holy Moment is a moment when we open ourselves to God. We make ourselves available to him. We set aside what we feel like doing, our personal desire and our self-interest and do what we prayerfully believe God is calling us to do at that moment. That is a Holy Moment. It is a moment when we are being the person God created us to be, and we are doing what we believe God is calling us to do in that moment.

Now, the thing is, if we can stop and create one Holy Moment, we can create another, and then another. We can make this our lifestyle. The hero’s and saints of old were not holy all the time. They were just like us – ordinary people with ordinary problems and issues. They just choose to create Holy Moments whenever they could – usually in between some really tough and terrible things. Paul hunted down Christians to murder them – then became the greatest apostle. David was a murderer, a passionate worshipper and a fearsome warrior – and a man after God’s own heart.

We can choose to practice creating Holy Moments, and the more we practice this, the better we will become at it!

Father, please open our hearts to your Spirit and our eyes and ears to those around us who need a touch from you. Help us create Holy Moments where we can change the world one life at a time by demonstrating your love to all those we encounter. Give us great courage as we do this, and keen insight into how to touch and affect the lives you bring before us. We love you Lord! You are magnificent! In Jesus’ mighty name I pray. Amen.

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