“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke, January 9, 1795

How true that is! What we see going on in Washington D.C that is being foisted upon us by the democrats is a full out, full scale attack on Christianity, sanity and America. It can be compared to the contrast between the American Revolution and the French Revolution – good versus evil.

Best-selling author Os Guinness stated in an interview with Dr. Albert Mohler, (Thinking in Public, June 5, 2017): “The culture war now at its deepest roots is actually a clash between 1776, what was the American Revolution, and 1789 and the heirs of the French Revolution.”

French General Francois Joseph Westermann reputedly wrote a report to the Committee of Public Safety: “There is no more Vendée, Republican citizens. It died beneath our free sword, with its women and its children. I have just buried it in the swamps and the woods of Savenay. Following the orders that you gave to me, I crushed the children beneath the horses’ hooves, massacred the women who, those at least, will bear no more brigands. I do not have a single prisoner to reproach myself with. I have exterminated them all.

During the French Revolution: churches were closed or used for immoral … lurid … licentious … scandalous … depravities. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg was made into a Temple of Reason; crosses were forbidden as being offensive; Christian religious monuments and statues were destroyed; graves were vandalized, ransacked and desecrated, including those of Good King Henry IV, and Ste. Genevieve, who had called Paris to pray to avert an attack of Attila the Hun in 451AD; public and private worship, as well as Christian religious education, was outlawed; treaties were broken resulting in the capture of 300 American ships headed to British ports.

The French went so far as to replace a seven day week to remove the Sabbath day of rest, as that came from the Bible, they came up with a ten day “decade” week. Each day was made up of ten decimal hours, each hour made up of one hundred decimal minutes, and each minute was made up of one hundred decimal seconds. Considering ten” the number of man — as man had ten fingers and ten toes — they created a system where every measurement was divisible by ten, calling it the “metric system.”

The reign of terror from the French revolution resulted in over 40,000 French citizens being beheaded in Paris, and over 300,000 massacred in the Vendée, a rural, very religious, Catholic area of northwest France. I’m not sure why evil enjoys beheadings so much, but the practice continues to this day.

Don’t be lulled into believing that can’t happen here! The very same ideas and notions that caused the French revolution to be so hideous and horrendous, exist right now in the democratic party. They hate God, Donald Trump and those who support either of them more than the French hated King Louis XVI. If left un-opposed, they will resort to the same tactics or even worse! Reason has nothing to do with it. It’s pure unadulterated hatred and rage against anything and everything that is Holy or righteous. And, whether you will receive it or not – it is demonic.

We must stand against evil. Our voices must be heard here among men and in heaven, the throne room of the Most High! What has been happening during the farce of this impeachment against the President is surreal. I never would have thought we would see such shenanigans from our government. One good thing that has happened is that the mask has come off of the democratic party, once and for all. But, we must stay vigilant and we must stand against evil in every aspect it presents itself — else, it will slowly engulf everything we love and value. It’s not too late – the Lord has provided respite from evil and his instrument is in the White House!

I call for all Christian men and women to pray and get registered to vote, and then to vote in every election. Vote for righteousness, vote for life, liberty and the American way! We must depose those who hate America, those who hate God. If we don’t do it at the polls, then we’ll have to do by force. The life of our nation, the future of our children and grandchildren demand it.

Dear heavenly Father, I pray you will open the eyes and ears of the people of this land to the truth. Remove the influence of those who hate goodness, who hate righteousness, who hate you and who hate our president. Arise oh Lord! Scatter your enemies! Cause them to flee before us in seven ways. I pray Lord the the truth will prevail and that good men and women will replace those who are so bent toward hatred and death. Give us godly leadership Lord and help us to have the courage, strength and wisdom to stand against all that is evil and unholy. God bless America! God bless President Trump and Vice President Pense and their families! I pray in the name of the Holy Anointed One – Jesus! Amen!

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