As George Orwell predicted in his books, the message of those in favor of a one-world government is, ‘We tell you what you can say. We tell you what you can think. We tell you what to hate. We tell you it is consistent, even when it is totally inconsistent. Don’t you dare think for yourself. And don’t you dare listen to truth unless of course, it is our truth…’

Banning Franklin Graham from Liverpool isn’t about safety – it’s about tyranny. What’s going on in California, and in the democratic party is also about tyranny. I always wondered and continue to wonder why the left hates Donald Trump so much. I think that is about tyranny as well. They want to control everything – what we see, what we hear, what we think, where we spend our money – so, they can maintain control. It’s all about control. Hence, more regulation, more legislation and more hoops to jump through or over to move forward.

Yet, the President is against all that – more freedom, less regulation, less legislation, more open and frank discussions. So, that is what they hate him so much – they can’t control that just as they can’t control him. He is beyond their reach. Their money, their reputation and their influence has no effect on him and they can’t stand that. They can’t force him to do anything and it infuriates them!

Well, I for one am very grateful to the Lord for saving us from them, and their ilk. I pray the Lord will open their eyes to the truth – Jesus is Lord over all – that is the truth. The Bible is the truth. The fact that the Lord sets those in high office at His pleasure is also the truth. They had their turn and we endured obama for 8 years – just barely, but we made it through. Now, the shoe is on the other foot, and that incenses the left that they have lost their control – mostly over our purse strings.

President Donald Trump is doing everything he said he would do, and I for one am grateful for that too. We’ve needed respite from politicians and we finally have it. Now, if we can only hold onto this republic!

Father, I thank you for saving our nation from certain death, a slow debilitating descent into the abyss of history. Thank you for a President who prays, who reads your Word and who honors You. Thank you for surrounding him with capable, dedicated and loyal people to help make America great again. Thank you Lord for opening the eyes and ears of all those who hate righteousness to the truth. Remove their blinders, lift the veil from their eyes so they can see Jesus! I pray Father for revival in our land! Heal our land, heal our people and draw us all closer and closer to you. In Jesus’ matchless name I pray. Amen!

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