The President puts forth the idea of a stimulus bill to assist people hard hit by the quarantine and effects of the corona virus, yet the democratic cadre attempts to tack onto that bill by adding 1,400 pages of added fluff that in no way helps American people or small businesses, but really only props up their whole socialist agenda. What was a $1 trillion dollar proposal now is twice that, and only to satisfy every special interest group that haunts Washington D.C.

I’m sick of it – all of it! What a waste of time, money and energy having to fight to not allow this travesty to occur. And, it happens with almost every bill put forth. Let’s add money for that special interest, or this one, or maybe that one over there in the corner that no one is thinking about. Every good thing is so weighed down with extras, it’s like pushing a huge boulder up hill by hand – both ways!

It reminds me of trips to the grocery store with several children in tow and how a $60 dollar grocery trip turns into $120 before we get past all the ‘I want’, ‘can I have’ and ‘we need this’ items the children throw in the basket as we pass by! Sounds like congress!

Our country has been betrayed by every politician who jumps on that bandwagon! Since when does an economic stimulus bill mean we can now fund greenhouse gas emission regulation, or add money to abortion funding, or any other such drivel that is not needed or pertinent to what we are facing today. Seems congress thinks they have a blank check they can write anytime they have an opportunity. Well, I for one am sick and tired of this and completely and utterly fed up with it.

I say ‘vote them all out of office this next election!’ Replace every single one of them with real Americans – people who were born here, who speak our language, who have family here and have a stake in what we are all about. Serving our country and fellowmen is not about making a career out of thievery and living off the public dole for the rest of your life!

No more career politicians! Term limits for all of them – the Supreme Court too! We need to take back our republic or we won’t have one! Get rid of all the lobbyists and special interest groups who fawn all over those in office and pander their wares to them. Let’s get back to basics – like reading, writing and arithmetic in schools. No more diversity training or sensitizing of our children. No more socialist agendas in higher education. We’ve fallen so far from where we were, but there is still hope!

God is still on the throne! He is not surprised by all this, or dismayed by it. He raised up leaders who are above and beyond scratching dirt for chicken feed. People of vision and passion who love this land and her people! Thank God!

Father, we are so lost! Please help us to focus on real concerns – love for people, all people – young and old, short and tall, black and white and every shade in between. Help us focus on loving one another and helping us to be our best. We don’t look to government for more handouts – or more entitlements; no, we look to You Lord! You are Lord God Jehova Jireh – our provider and you are more than enough for all our needs and desires. Bless our people and heal our land Lord! We confess we are sinners and so lost we can’t see the trees for the forest, but we know we need you Lord! Use this current crisis Lord – use it to turn people’s hearts to you, to soften their hearts to the plight of their neighbor and to the lost. Help us be the church and to provide comfort and aid to all who need it. Remake our government – reshape it and give us godly leadership at every level from the president down to the lowest municipal level. Heal America Lord! We need you Lord! Open the eyes of those blinded by the world and its systems. Open their eyes Lord so they can see and learn the truth. And, the truth is Jesus, the Holy Anointed One is Lord! He is Lord over all! Help us Father! In Jesus’ name I pray! Amen!

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