Our National Day of Pray

Lord, we love you with all our heart and souls, with all our minds and all our might. Please help us and heal our land and our people this day – our National Day of Prayer to You the Lord of all creation! You are on Your throne and no-one or nothing is strong enough to depose You Lord! For You are Lord over all!

Lord, as a nation and a people, please help us to shake off all that which is displeasing to you, all that which offends you and is an affront to you Lord. Help us to shake off the notion that we are capable of fixing ourselves, that we don’t need You Lord. Help us to shake off the chains that bind us, the strongholds in our minds and souls that keep us tied and shackled to the ways of the enemy. Help us to awake Lord and seek Your face, Your ways and Your will and obey You and all Your commands. Help us to overcome and defeat the spiritual forces that support abortion and help us abolish every facet of abortion in our land. Help us to remove and disassemble the structures that support deviant sexual attitudes and behavior, and to abolish gay marriage in our land. Help us to defeat at the polls every candidate who hates America and hates You Lord. Help us to replace them with men and women who love You and Your word and who will obey You and Your commands. Help us Oh Lord! Give us godly leadership from the White House down to the lowest municipal level and heal our land! We need You Lord, now perhaps more than ever. Father, I pray for all this in the matchless name of Jesus! Amen!

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