Never Turning Back

I found my anthem! It’s a song by Here Be Lions, Set Fire to the White Flag.

We can’t give up or grow weary! We run to the battle and not from it! This has been my hearts cry for over 20 years now. And now, is the time for all of God’s chosen ones to take a stand and not turn back, never retreat.

Father, please give us courage to take up the fight. People are perishing all around us without Jesus and they desperately need Jesus! Help us be bold, but loving; forceful but considerate and generous beyond measure – just as you are Lord! Give us eyes to see and ears to hear that we might save some from certain and eternal destruction. Break our hearts with what breaks your heart Lord. The world is in chaos and in need of Jesus! Jesus is the answer to every problem we face. Jesus is the answer. Jesus is the solution. Dear Holy Spirit, anoint us with power and wisdom to deliver the message that Jesus still saves and He saves to the uttermost! In Jesus’ mighty name – Amen!

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