BLM Summoning Demons!

I saw several videos this morning of the people leaving the inauguration party at the White House Thursday night and being harassed by BLM/Antifa thugs. Most of those doing the harassing were white by the way. I was absolutely appalled that such things are happening in our country. I later learned many of those doing … Continue reading BLM Summoning Demons!

Precious Wisdom and our President

Oh wisdom - often elusive, shrouded in mystery and difficult to apprehend! Not! The Word tells us exactly how to obtain wisdom. Solomon asked the Lord for wisdom, and was granted so many other wonderful things along with that wisdom! On that night God appeared to Solomon, and said to him, "Ask! What shall I … Continue reading Precious Wisdom and our President

Shields Up!

An important prayer alert from Intercessors for America Oh dear Heavenly Father, we hold our President, Donald Trump, and our Vice President, Michael Pence, up to you Lord and we ask you to surround them and their families with mighty warring angels. Protect them from every attack in the natural and the spiritual Lord! … Continue reading Shields Up!

Arise Men of Valor!

Just visited this post from March, 2012; it’s still so pertinent to where we are today, I thought I’d reblog this entry! God’s blessings to all!

The Warrior Anointing

In the Spirit, there is a battle that continually rages over each one of us. Forces of good and evil collide with great fury and contend for the souls of men. This is the battle of the ages! We are not called to be bystanders in this raging battle, but we are called to pick up our swords and join in! We are called to come up higher and join the fray! We are called to join forces and participate in our own sanctification and for the redemption and salvation of all we hold dear.

In reality, many of us are losing the battle against sin, sickness and disease, and death. We are losing the battle for our families, for our towns, cities and nations. The old enemy, satan, is busy and he knows his time is short so he has pulled out all the weapons at his disposal and…

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Prayer for America’s Enemies

I had a notion this morning that it was time to pray for all those who are against us and hate America. Then, I read Al Robertson's blog article on what healed their marriage, so the deal was sealed right there. I also received word that I should be praying for one despot in … Continue reading Prayer for America’s Enemies