Prayer for America

Dear Heavenly Father, we come before you in love and humility. We thank you Lord that you are on your throne and that there is no one or anything in all of creation that can depose you for you are eternal and eternally secure as Lord over all! We thank you for your lovingkindness, your mercy which is new every morning, your faithfulness and your forgiveness. We praise you that your love endures forever! You are absolutely magnificent and perfect in all your ways! We thank you for rescuing us through the sacrifice of your son Jesus, that he couldn’t be constrained by death but was raised back to life after three days in the grave. We thank you that He is seated at your right hand interceding for us! We love and adore you Lord! Who is like unto thee! You are awesome, wonderful and glorious and we adore you!

Father we hold our country up to you and ask you to help us repent of all our wicked sins, and to forgive us. Please arise and heal our land! Lord, I declare in the name of Jesus that every governor of every state and every mayor of every city that supports BLM and antifa, and tries to limit or subvert church attendance is an enemy of America and of God. I pray you would dry up all their funding, dry up all their support and cause chaos and mutiny to abound in their ranks. Muddy the waters, and cause them to fight one another. Create such a groundswell of opposition to all these policies and radical extremists that every political figure who supports them or at the least won’t work to stop them will be replaced in the voting this November!

Father, please raise up your people and equip them in accordance with Psalm 149:

Let the praises of God be in their mouths, and a sharp sword in their hands—to execute vengeance on the nations and punishment on the peoples, to bind their kings with shackles and their leaders with iron chains, to execute the judgment written against them. This is the glorious privilege of his faithful ones.        Psalm 149:6-9 NLT

We bind every leader of antifa, and BLM and all those behind them who are supporting them with shackles, and all their leaders with chains that have huge padlocks on them. The keys are to be held by mighty warrior angels and will only be released when Jesus says to release them. We pray every one of these leaders will be brought to justice and the full weight of the law will be levied against them and that they will serve every day mandated by the law. We pray this will happen swiftly and completely and that none of the guilty will escape punishment.

Yes Lord! These people have now taken to burning your Holy Word, as well as burning pig heads wearing police hats sitting on American flags. These people hate America and they hate you Lord. Lord, I ask you to subvert all their plans, stymy every attempt to overthrow our government, We bind them and every spirit of deception, destruction, rage, rebellion and rioting in the name of Jesus and we declare all of their assignments against America are cancelled now and forever in the name of Jesus! Leave us now in Jesus’ name! We loose faith, forgiveness, healing, love, mercy and reconciliation into our country in Jesus’ matchless name! Heal us oh Lord! Bind up and apply the balm of Gilead to our wounds. Help us to heal, restore us in love one to another – regardless of race or color. And, help us to stand firm and see you deliver us! In Jesus’ name, amen!

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