I Set Before You …

I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live. [ Deuteronomy 30:19, NKJV]

We have a choice between life and death, and it will come to a head in this November’s elections here in America. Antifa, blm, islam and marxism are all vying for the scepter and want to rule us. They are in cahoots and if you select one, you select them all as it is a package deal. Along that path is certain death – for innocent new life and for the aged, and poverty for the remaining masses – and certain suicide for our nation.

The choice is clear – plain as the nose on our faces – and, the best choice is Donald Trump. There has never been a President who loves this country and it’s people more than he does (at least, not in my lifetime). He is hated by many, though I can’t really understand why. He has done all he said he would. He has persevered even in the face of vicious attacks and resistance. I can’t see anyplace he made a wrong turn or did the wrong thing. He has consistently executed every duty in favor of the people of this country – just as we would expect elected leaders to behave.

Our country is under judgement – make no mistake about that – but we still can make a difference! The road to hell is broad and easy and paved with good intentions but possesses no wisdom. I sense dark and dangerous days ahead – days where we will be called upon to stand for liberty and truth. Jesus is Lord is the truth! The Lord has provided a way of escape and we need to take that route and stand! Any other choice leads to more judgement, more destruction and more death.

Father, I pray the silent majority comes out of the closet! I pray you will ignite a fire in the souls and spirits of every true believing Christian to go to the polls and vote for life! I pray for an awakening among the chosen! I pray for revival to break out across our land. I pray for those poor souls lost between heaven and hell, that you would open their eyes to the truth and reveal the depths of depravity that exists in the death choice. Open their eyes Lord, and help them to choose life! I bind every evil entity arrayed against America right now in Jesus’ name – anger, deception, division, hatred, rage, rebellion and strife. I loose peace, calm, righteousness, reconciliation and unity throughout our land and to its people in Jesus’ name! Help us oh Lord! We need you more than ever! Amen!

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