By My Spirit

‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ Says the LORD of hosts. [ Zechariah 4:6, NKJV]

We can’t force both sides in a disagreement to come together and be reconciled. We can’t appeal to them based on a political, economic, social or cultural basis. We have to reach across to them in the spirit – united in oneness through who we both are In Christ. If one side or the other does not possess the spirit of Christ – then we pray they receive that spirit. Healing will only come through the Spirit – the Holy Spirit, so let’s pray

Oh Father, you see how it is in our land for you know every one of us intimately. You know our rising and our lying down and everything in between. You know the intentions of our heart and you know what each one of us needs to hear to heal and become whole. I pray Lord you will open the ears of the people to hear – open their ears both naturally and spiritually that they may be touched and receive the healing they need for each is different and needs different things. Holy Spirit, you know what each one needs – please provide that for each one and please draw every one of my brothers and sisters into an intimate relationship with Jesus. In the name of Jesus, I loose a spirit of unity, of reconciliation, of healing, of forgiveness and of love into our land of America to minister to those who are held between heaven and hell. Touch each one Lord where they are right now, and begin the process to rebuild and restore each one. Help each one to let go of past hurts, to unconditionally forgive all those who have wronged them, apply salve to every wound and painful memory – restore the foundation of brotherhood to us – unite us in harmony one to another – in love, nothing held back. Restore and rebuild our common bonds – that we are Americans – no matter what racial or ethnic group we came from; that we are sons and daughters of the Most High and brothers and sisters In Christ! Heal us oh Lord! Help us to see past the lines of division and to come up higher. Heal oh Lord we pray in Jesus’ magnificent name!

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