Shaking! Yes, but God!

We have many warnings coming out about the next 4 to 5 months from various prophecies and speakers about the trials and attacks against America; it’s hard to tell what we should do. Should we hunker down, shelter in place and hoard supplies to ensure we can weather these storms? Or, should we confront these possibilities and battle them in prayer? Pastor Dana Coverstone’s recent missive talks about demonic sleeper cells attacking Christian leaders and Christian men – I think this is a warning we should heed. We must pray for our leaders and for Christian men in particular. The warning is about mass suicides, sexual immorality and other grievous attacks on our minds, souls and spirits. We must stand firm supporting our pastors and teachers as they are on the front lines of this battle.

Father God, we adore you! We thank you for the warnings you are providing your body at this time and we pray that we will hear, that we will heed the call and we will rally the troops to stand against these possibilities. No matter what the enemy has planned, you already know about it and have a plan to defeat them at the most critical time. Thank You Lord for inviting us to be part of the resistance and to participate in the destruction of the enemies works!

Lord, in the name of Jesus, I bind every demonic entity arrayed against Christian leadership – apostles, evangelists, pastors, teachers and prophets and also Christian laymen. I bind every demon of sexual impurity, pornography, lust, incest, whoredom and deviant sexual activity in Jesus’ name. I bind every demon of despair, depression, anxiety, fear, self-murder and suicide assigned to Christian and national leaders and their families. I declare all of your assignments are cancelled – now and forever in Jesus’ precious name and I command you to leave us and go where Jesus wants to you go and never return. You are banished!

Lord, I pray for your protection for the hearts and minds of Christian leadership and Christian men all around the world. I loose the spirits of love, gentleness, kindness, steadfastness, sound minds, backbones like rods of iron and nerves of steel into every Christian leader. I loose wisdom, meekness (strength under control), keen insight, deep discernment and faces like flint into Christian leaders and men all over the world. I declare we will not be deterred, we will not succumb to lust in any form coming from any angle, nor will we loose hope or faith. Our God is mighty and he has declared that we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. I declare we will not compromise with lust or sin, but remain resolute and steadfast throughout this season of attack. I declare that we will live and declare the goodness of the Lord, to His glory! I pray for all this in the name of Jesus Christ, the Holy Anointed One of Israel! Amen!

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