So, it is War!

[Galatians 6:9 NKJV] And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.

We are in the fight of our lives and it is no small matter. Lives, ours and those around us, depend on our response to the evil, injustice and wickedness being displayed and enacted on a daily basis. We must not grow weary, or numb to the pain no matter how intense it becomes. Our job – in fact, our life mission, may be to confront such wickedness. I honestly believe we were born for such a time as this! If not us, whom? If not now, when?

These are the questions every person of faith must face. When they knock on my door at 2 am, how will I respond? If we don’t answer the call now, they will come for us as well. Remember how the nazi’s operated – it is being played out across the world right now. In a way, I hated to use that analogy because that’s the very thing the anarchists are saying as well. But, remember – they always accuse others of what they themselves are doing.

So, it is war! I for one will not shirk my responsibility and I will not go quietly into the night. You can take that to the bank! Let us run to the battle and engage the enemy – right now…

Dear heavenly Father, how glorious, amazing and wonderful You are! You are indeed a good, good Father and we love and adore You with all our hearts and souls, all our minds and all our might; and with Your help, we will love and adore You forever! You are magnificent and awesome beyond our ability to comprehend – and yet, you love us! Hallelujah!

Lord, You see how it is. We are your children and we are surrounded by evil. As David said,

[Psalm 57:4 NKJV] 4 My soul [is] among lions; I lie [among] the sons of men Who are set on fire, Whose teeth [are] spears and arrows, And their tongue a sharp sword.

Lord, we pray for justice and righteousness in our land. We pray that every lie be exposed and all liars be held accountable for their words. We ask you to open the eyes of the people to the lying prophets (mainstream media) of baal and jezebel who are consumed by lying spirits (1 Kings 22:22-23) and expose all their lies. I bind every lying spirit, every spirit of deception and every deceiving spirit arrayed against America in the name of Jesus. I command you to be still and silent from now on!

Lord, we pray for justice and righteousness in our land. We pray that every person guilty of deceiving our people and stealing from us be held accountable for all their evil works. We pray for the protection of Attorney General Barr, President Trump and Vice President Pence and their families. We pray that every case AG Barr has evidence on will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and that justice will prevail in our land once again. Father, we pray that abortion in all it’s forms will be abolished from our land, forever! The taking of innocent life is so wicked – please help us abolish this terrible evil and expunge it from us!

Lord, we pray for justice and righteousness in our land. We declare right now that the play book of the anarchists, socialists and enemies of America will be shredded and burned – cast down, spoiled naught and never to come to pass in Jesus’ mighty name! We loose unity into the body of Christ in America and around the world – and declare that we will not succumb to denominational divisions or any other ploy to divide us any longer. All those who believe that Jesus is the Christ and that He was raised back to life are our brothers and sisters and we will love one another and support each other in every way! For all this we pray in Jesus’ name! Amen!

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