Battle stations!

I listened to an interview of Sid Roth’s with Kevin Zadai where Kevin laid out what the next 11 years may hold. Kevin asserted we are at war with China – not an all-out war with ships, tanks and weapons but a clandestine war under the radar where they are attacking us in every way imaginable with virus’s, socialism and unrest.

We must make no mistake about it, we are at war. The Lord told Kevin during a 5 hour meeting where he pulled back curtain after curtain to reveal the plans of the enemy, that we could prevent or at the least limit the damage through repentance and intercessory prayer.

Kevin said the greatest need was for repentance on a national scale. Then, for us to pray for the restoration of justice in our courts and in our land. We need to pray for our leaders – our President and Vice President, Attorney General Barr and all those leading the charge against unrighteousness.

These efforts have to ramp up – fasting and prayer for righteousness, binding all the evil plans of our enemies, cutting off the evil at it’s roots and loosing unity in the body of Christ. This effort must be sustained through the election this November. Here’s an excerpt from the video where Kevin prayed for us:

Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray for a spirit of wisdom and revelation, and the knowledge of You on all and everyone who is watching; and, that the eyes of their heart would be flooded with light right now with new revelation and they would know the hope to which they have been called and the glorious inheritance of the saints and the power that rose Jesus from the dead. And, I pray Lord that the Spirit of God would be able to speak right now to every believer, that hey would hear Your voice. Okay, after that I ask Lord that You would show them their future and show them what their part is; teach them how to bind and loose and so right now, we bind the evil right now. I ask You that righteousness would reign. Pull your sword and bring to justice every evil, every agenda that is not of You. Bring it down into captivity to the obedience of Christ right now. I pray for every leader, I pray for our President – may the anointing of joy be upon him. May the yoke breaking power be upon him. I pray that the justice system would have eyes that see into the spirit realm and as believers all over the world, we lay at the root the axe and we dissect the evil and it’s power. We cut it off and we all agree as touching this one thing. And, here’s the most important one – we repent, we take accountability for our actions and beliefs, and we turn our face back to You Father. Heal our land, heal our land. May the fire of the Holy Spirit consume every evil and chaff in our lives and in those who are in leadership. You’re a consuming fire, Father! May the spirit of prophesy start to work in our leaders where they start to speak by Your Spirit and their will is turned and they become another person. Visit every household with fire! Thank you for the Joy!

One thought on “Battle stations!

  1. Kevin Zadai follows Jesus so close. What a great word Alan. We all need to unite and do what Jesus asks us to do.✝️🩸

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