Prayer for Fall Elections

Violent rebels don’t have a chance,
for their rejection of truth and their love of evil
will drag them deeper into darkness. [Proverbs 21:7 TPT]

The fall elections are a prime target of those who hate righteousness, and if mail-in ballots are allowed, they are very susceptible to extreme tampering. We hear of ballots being lost, being tossed in the trash and intentionally misplaced all the time. Way too frequently to be mere oversight. So, how do we ensure fair and accurate election results? There is probably no way to guarantee a fair election these days. All we can hope to do is make it as fair as possible, and provide as much independent or bi-partisan oversight as we can. But, even that leaves so much room for doubt. Let’s take this to the One who has all the answers and who steers the course of the streams and rivers, and the hearts of kings!

Dear Heavenly Father, we hold the elections this fall up to you Lord and we ask for a fair and accurate election. We want the will of the people to be known and implemented. We bind every demonic and rebellious spirit that would seek to circumvent the election process and rig the results in Jesus’ name. We bind every spirit of deception, of division, of subterfuge and obfuscation assigned to this election right now in Jesus’ name. We lay the axe to the roots of all the evil planned for this election and we sever every root of evil right now in Jesus’ name. We declare the elections will be in person, with good and effective oversight and that the counting of ballots will be done correctly and accurately – no shenanigans allowed! We declare there will be no controversy, no anomalies and no adventures – the election will be held and go off without a hitch of any kind in Jesus’ name. Thank you Lord! Amen!

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