Don’t Burn with Anger!

I was reading Proverbs again today and I was struck by this verse Don’t allow the actions of evil mento cause you to burn with anger.Instead, burn with unrelenting passionas you worship God in holy awe. [Proverbs 23:17, TPT] When I tried to watch last night's presidential debate, I was irritated by the obvious lying … Continue reading Don’t Burn with Anger!

Do NOT Grow Weary!

I can feel the Spirit saying 'do not grow weary, keep pressing in and pressing on.' There is so much opposition because we are very close to breakthrough! I read Proverbs 21 this morning: A warrior filled with wisdom ascends into the high placeand releases regional breakthrough,bringing down the strongholds of the mighty. [Proverbs 21:22 … Continue reading Do NOT Grow Weary!