Do NOT Grow Weary!

I can feel the Spirit saying ‘do not grow weary, keep pressing in and pressing on.’ There is so much opposition because we are very close to breakthrough! I read Proverbs 21 this morning:

A warrior filled with wisdom ascends into the high place
and releases regional breakthrough,
bringing down the strongholds of the mighty. [Proverbs 21:22 TPT]

and, it filled me with great joy and anticipation. We are fighting the good fight and while it is an uphill battle, it won’t last much longer! As I drove through the hardwood forest this morning, filled with all the awesome and wonderful colors of fall in full bloom, I was reminded again of how the cycle continues – morning and night – fall, winter, spring and summer. And, how our God is still on His throne! He is not diminished or dismayed by all that is going on for He is sovereign over it all! I broke out in warfare tongues for the duration of the drive and I felt the atmosphere shift.

Our job is to ascend and pull down strongholds, to call forth that which is not as though it is and to intercede and stand in the gap for righteousness, for justice and for peace.

The enemy wants to discourage us, to destroy our faith and our trust in our mighty God so he can continue to kill, steal and destroy. But, the truth is that no matter how it looks, how desperate the situation appears to be, the enemy is a liar and our God is supreme and can do anything He wants!

Israel, in the wilderness, walked away from God – they turned away from faith and walked in fear. They failed to trust God! They refused to believe that He could or would care for them. They did not believe the promises of God! We must not allow that to happen to us!

America’s birth was a miracle that has been sustained and strengthened through one miracle after another. We had an awesome miracle in the last presidential election and we will see another on November 3rd! I’m calling it in! We will see a landslide of epic proportions – a wave of red – President Trump and the Republican party will be elected by a landslide – there will be no question – no matter what the enemy and his cohorts attempt it will be futile! We will take back the house of representatives, retain hold of the senate and reelect Donald Trump and Michael Pense by such a wide margin that no amount of subterfuge and dishonesty could overcome it! All the polls are lying – the mainstream media is lying – America is at a crossroads and will be redeemed for our redeemer is mighty to save!

So, stand fast and see the salvation and deliverance of the Lord! Isn’t it marvelous to behold!

We thank you and praise you Father for your lovingkindness, your mercy which is new every morning and your love which endures forever! You are marvelous, wonderful and altogether righteous and holy – and, we love and adore you! Thank you for this victory over darkness! Thank you for patriots who love our country, and for a population that can and has seen the truth! Thank you for a more sure Word! And, thank you Lord for Jesus! Amen!

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