Don’t Burn with Anger!

I was reading Proverbs again today and I was struck by this verse

Don’t allow the actions of evil men
to cause you to burn with anger.
Instead, burn with unrelenting passion
as you worship God in holy awe. [Proverbs 23:17, TPT]

When I tried to watch last night’s presidential debate, I was irritated by the obvious lying of Joe Biden, and the attitude of the moderator constantly interrupting President Trump. So much so, I had to leave off viewing the debate. All of the lies, the constant harangue against everything good, against President Trump and against everything godly or righteous tends to infuriate me. I’d like to take some people and shake them awake from their stupor.

But, I know it’s all part of the enemies schemes against us – but knowing that doesn’t always make it easier to give place and let be – and, I know I should. It’s not really the people doing these things, but the spirit behind them that is so offensive. These people honestly believe they are doing the right thing! They have been deceived into believing a lie – even if it’s a grand lie.

So, how do we respond to all this? We turn and worship He who made us! While we can’t fix all the worlds problems, we know who can and He is always worthy of our praise and adoration! We turn that passion, that drives us to anger, angst and rage into tumultuous worship of the Anointed One – the Lord for He is not dismayed or distressed by what is going on. He knew all this would happen and He can handle it and resolve it even though we cannot. We are to reach out in love and truth to those on the broad avenue to hell and try to help them see Jesus! After all, it’s really all about Him anyway. Nothing else matters in light of the knowledge of the Shining One – Yeshua Hamashiach who was and is and is to come!

Dear heavenly Father, please forgive us for thinking we can right anything though our anger and self righteousness. Help us to pull down the enemies strongholds in ourselves and others, and give us great strength and tenacity in prayer to that end. Help us to remember ‘but for the grace of God there go I’ – as well. For we were no better, not until You redeemed us. Give us holy boldness to proclaim the truth and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Give us wisdom Lord and insight into the workings of the enemy so we can overcome him. I pray in Jesus’ matchless name! Amen!

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