I’ve been holding my tongue and pen over the election fraud that is so very obvious to anyone with eyes to see. There was massive, systemic fraud in at least 28 states – every state that used ‘dominion’ to count their ballots is corrupt and their vote counts are as bogus and worthless as monopoly money.

I find it very interesting that the name of the software used to perpetrate this gross treasonous act of sedition is named ‘dominion’. It is amazing how fitting the name is – for their goal was dominion over us – all of us. They went to great lengths to coordinate this across the country. So smug and highfalutin, they think they are above the law and that no one will dare challenge them. Well, they are wrong!

I wonder what the penalty for treason is these days? At one time, it was hanging and personally I think that’s still appropriate. Dominion is an interesting word, it means: supreme authority – sovereignty – absolute ownership. Hmm, wonder why they would want that… Who does that sound like? They also want worship – that helps narrow it down a bit more.

Well, in the name of Jesus, I declare that the makers and keepers of the software package of dominion will never again sell their services or software anywhere in the world. The company will fold and all those tied to it will be identified, apprehended and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. These people dare to subvert and steal the elections in our country and others – negating all the votes of the people of these countries. The software has interfered in many elections and should be outlawed. The water is so muddy now, it’ll take a horrendous effort to resolve this whole mess. But, maybe that was the intention all along? Who benefits from that? Queen Pelosi? The deep state?

Lord, I pray everything hidden regarding this election will be exposed and drug out into the light. That every person, regardless of rank, who is entangled in this will face the music and suffer the penalties for treason, sedition and planning or advocating the overthrow of our government. I pray the election will be redone in such a way as to stop all attempts at manipulation and subversion and that the truth will be known, the true winner of the election will be known and those who are innocent will be vindicated. I bind every spirit of deception, subterfuge, cheating and lying involved in this election mess and declare their assignments are cancelled in Jesus’ name. I command them to cease and desist all evil activity and to loose all those bound by evil intent in Jesus’ name. I declare the truth will be known, justice will be served and the true winner will be appointed! Thank you Lord! We adore You and we place all our petitions at Your feet knowing You are the righteous Judge of all the earth and in heaven, and that You are sovereign – not some software produced by man to subvert the true outcome. I declare that the intentions of those who are responsible for perpetrating this gross injustice will be completely thwarted, cast down and never to come to pass in Jesus’ name! In fact, the opposite of what they intended will be the result. We bless and praise Your holy name Lord! Amen!

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