Treason Most Foul!

Almost a month ago, I posted an article on treason – I had no idea just how deep and far spread the treasonous behavior extended. It’s so widespread that most people still can’t believe it! Most of America is asleep at the wheel and completely unaware that ALL of our basic freedoms are on the line in this election. Those perpetrating these heinous acts of treason are beyond redemption and they absolutely will not stop until they are strongly opposed with great force.

We cannot coddle them, wish this away or expect outside help. The entire world is watching to see how this plays out because it affects them as much as it affects us! This sedition from the left – from socialists who really want to be communists – means only one thing: they hate us and America so much they will do anything and everything to seize and retain complete control. We must rise up and fight back – as a people! We must not allow this travesty to stand!

They’re already making plans and promises to visit retribution upon the heads of all who supported Donald Trump. All the violence and turmoil this year came from the left – not the right – and the mainstream media is completely complicit in all of this – in fact, they sanctioned it and still stand by all those doing these wicked deeds. This treason runs deep – it runs through the Justice department, law enforcement, the military and every state house. It’s rampant!

They mean to slam shut the voice of reason, compassion and decency once and for all. They are all about denying Americans their voice and their vote. For quite some time now, our elections have been under assault. They don’t care how we vote because they’ll just change it to suit their own agendas. That means our parents vote didn’t matter, our votes don’t matter and our children’s votes won’t matter either – if they even get to vote in the new banana republic the left wants to create.

There has never been a time when America has been in such grave peril! Everything we hold dear and sacred is under attack! We cannot and must not stand by and allow it to stand! Too many of our forefathers bled and died to keep what little we have left!


Our forefathers pledged their homes, their livelihoods and their very lives to defending this republic! Can we do any less? The time for words is drawing to a close and extreme action will be required very soon. We must be ready – like the Minutemen of old! Grave and extreme times demand men and women of courage! We must not falter in this which may be perhaps our finest hour!

We can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We must be united in our common interests. We will once again be fighting for freedom, from tyranny, oppression and persecution. We’re fighting for our right to live, to exist as a free nation, as a people governed by the people.

We must not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight!

We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! And, we are going to win this battle!

Dear heavenly Father, please look down upon us Lord and see the enemies we face this day. Those who would destroy us – those who hate You and hate us because we adore You! I pray You will open the eyes of the people of our land, open the ears of the people of our land and then open their hearts to understand where we are and what is happening. Give them courage to stand and wisdom to know how to respond. Help us rise up in unity and stand against all the evil that is planned for our land. Help us Father! I pray all the lies and deception will exposed and drug out into the light. I pray everyone involved in the treasonous events perpetrated against our country will be identified, apprehended, incarcerated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I pray for Justice! We need Justice Lord! You are the Righteous Judge of all the earth Father! Please bring Justice into these circumstances, raise up Davids and Nehemiahs to lead the people and secure freedom! Bless our President and all those who support and defend him! I pray in Jesus’ mighty name! Amen!

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