We’ve been had!

Isn’t a shame so many of our leaders are so cowardly? I never, and I mean never, would have thought so many Republicans would cave in and give up the fight so soon! I am ashamed of these politicians – who are not really leaders as real leaders would stand against tyranny and such obvious and blatant election fraud. They are called RhINOs – republicans in name only -because it only mattered to them as long as they were getting elected – and able to keep the money rolling in – just a means to line their own pockets with our money – just like the radical left. But, much, much worse. They climbed into bed with us, whispered sweet nothings to us and gave us what they thought we wanted so we’d be good and quiet – until the truth had to be supported. Then, they were outed!

They folded and folded quickly. I think I’m more ashamed of the fact that they fooled me and countless others. There really is no difference between democrat or republican – most of these politicians are only in it for what they can steal. Shame, shame, shame!

Yet, in all this, I am glad I found out the truth and who our friends really are! I’m so proud of President Trump. He gave up everything to save this country! Look how they treat him! Now, they are cutting off all his communications to the people – we can’t have the truth getting out there you know! He is anointed by God for a time and effort like this! Has to be! No man could stand on his own, under the circumstances President Trump has endured for the last 4 years, without divine intervention. Look at what has come to light in the last few weeks – it is amazing.

  • The supreme court – a sham – truly a kangaroo court; as well as all the others that have passed on the opportunity to rule in favor of justice.
  • Main stream media – a joke; really a propaganda instrument of the demonized left.
  • Religion – most just want to go back to sleep; don’t bother us with details or facts – we don’t want to know. Can’t we all just be friends? Please don’t hurt us.
  • Big tech – really, really exceptionally wicked and evil empires; orchestrating the fall of America and the demise of anything good and all for greed.
  • Healthcare – an instrument of anarchy; they want total control over all of us and facts do not matter. Insidiously evil.

So, to say our country needs an overhaul is an understatement! We need to clean out Washington D.C completely – send them all packing. The latest covid-19 relief bill is just another example of how they will steal everything they can get their hands on – unless opposed! Only 6 senators and our President had the guts to stand against them. Then, Biden begs the President to sign the bill so we can send billions more overseas! And, people can’t see the harm in that!

America has truly lost her way and only God can right this ship! I am praying for massive and complete intervention from on high! God – shake the foundations of this land and every evil empire built within it’s shores – shake us all Lord! Bring down every high thing that exalts itself against You! Bring every hidden and obscured thing out into the open for all the world to see! Expose the nakedness of all these evil empires! Father, please save this republic! Restore a government of the people, by the people and for the people. I pray Lord that every snake is identified and exposed for all the world to see. I pray for a complete and utter overhaul of the people sworn to protect and defend the constitution of the United States! Lord, none of this surprises You – You knew all this would occur long ago. We ask you to arise and stand and strike down Your enemies Lord! Remove every bit of evil from our land! Restore the foundations we were built upon Lord! Lord, Your Word says the light of the wicked will be extinguished! I pray Lord – make it so! Those who will not repent, have no remorse and will never stop their wicked doing – Lord, please remove them from our government – remove all their influence and silence their voices. Raise up true patriots and give them strength and wisdom to repair the breach! I pray in Jesus’ matchless name! Amen!

2 thoughts on “Cowardice!


    On Sun, Dec 27, 2020 at 10:14 AM The Warrior Anointing wrote:

    > abkeyte posted: ” We’ve been had! Isn’t a shame so many of our leaders are > so cowardly? I never, and I mean never, would have thought so many > Republicans would cave in and give up the fight so soon! I am ashamed of > these politicians – who are not really leaders as real” >

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