Stand Fast – Cast Off Unbelief

The events of the past week, here in America have thrown many of us into a tailspin. We’re not sure who or what to believe as we see evil take over the reins of the highest office in our land, and the evil machine start cranking out abominations. And yet, there is still hope!

The modern day prophets are all in agreement that a miracle is in the wings and about to manifest in the natural – that the Lord is not silent about these days and the events we are witnessing. I thank God for His prophets and their faithfulness! I am often reminded that is it faith that pleases our Lord. In my natural course of study, I ran across these verses today:

[Hebrews 3:7-9 TPT]

This is why the Holy Spirit says,

“If only you would listen to his voice this day!
Don’t make him angry by hardening your hearts,
    like your ancestors did during the days of their rebellion,
    when they were tested in the wilderness.
There your fathers tested me and tried my patience
    even though they saw my miracles for forty years
    they still doubted me!

[Hebrews 3:12-15 TPT] So search your hearts every day, my brothers and sisters, and make sure that none of you has evil or unbelief hiding within you. For it will lead you astray, and make you unresponsive to the living God. 13 This is the time to encourage each other to never be stubborn or hardened by sin’s deceitfulness. 14 For we are mingled with the Messiah, if we will continue unshaken in this confident assurance from the beginning until the end.

[Proverbs 23:17, TPT] Don’t allow the actions of evil men
to cause you to burn with anger.
Instead, burn with unrelenting passion
as you worship God in holy awe.

So – stand fast and purge all doubt and fear from your minds! Believe the Lord! He has this and He was spoken through His prophets that He will intercede. Let us rest in that. Stand Fast and see the salvation of the Lord!

Dear heavenly Father, give us strength Lord to endure the reproach and to trust You completely. We pray You will increase our faith so that You will be pleased when You return and find faith in Your people. Help us to continue to press into You and Your Word! Father, we know You often wait until the very last second to step in to rescue us as we need to learn to have true persevering faith and trust in You. Please help us not to succumb to fear and anxiety but to hold onto You and Your promises. For You alone are worthy of all praise, all glory and all of our love! We pray in Jesus’ matchless name! Amen!

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