Lulled Back to Sleep

The mainstream media (MSM) is doing a fine job of lulling the American population back to sleep after the horrendous events in Washington where the Presidential election was stolen through fraud. As the propaganda arm of the Democratic party, the MSM just keeps putting inane and irrelevant stories forward to continue the farcical ‘keep moving, nothing to see here’ genre the elite want us to believe. Sleepy Biden gets a free pass on everything, and can’t do any wrong according the MSM. He is their darling and they will coddle him and Kamala all the way to our grave.

I am absolutely amazed and appalled at how gullible and compliant we have become. Our nation used to be a nation of free thinkers, people who got things done in spite of every obstacle and had a sense of fair play that ruled us in most every situation. But, we have cast all that aside to swallow the bitter pill being foisted upon us by those who hate America and everything she stood for. We are supposed to believe that if we’re white, we’re racist – simply by being born white. We are supposed to believe that big government cares about us, our children and our way of life while they tear the very fabric of our society to smithereens. Everything vile and wicked is acceptable while good common sense is to be ignored. By all means, let’s remove God and the Bible from everything in our lives so we can fully embrace the dark side.

I’m sick of it! I’m sick of them – all of them! Them – being politicians from both sides! Republicans are no different than their Demoncrat counterparts – all of them (or, at least most of them), are only in it to line their own pockets with our money and have sold their souls to the enemy. When the MSM comes on, I’m prone to puke at the gushing and fawning over all things evil and immoral, their arrogance and complete disregard for righteousness and goodness. There is a reckoning coming! Almighty God – who is eternal and unchanging will have His say and His way in all this. And, though it means the utter destruction of many of the wicked, I long for it. I know we’re supposed to turn the other cheek, but I’m tired of being the fall guy while they continue to plot and steal from us, our children and grandchildren.

I feel like one shouting in the wilderness – “turn off the tv, facebook and twitter and the internet; come out of her my people!” Stop listening to poison designed to lull you to sleep so they can roast you and all you hold dear for their own consumption! The lies, the pedophilia, the fraud and debauchery of this current regime is astounding! When will we stand up and stand against all this wickedness? Where are the real men of America? Have all the warriors taken flight? I pray not!

Dear heavenly Father, I come before you humbled beyond words for our present condition. We are fallen and can’t arise on our own. Lord, your man, President Trump is still our president. Fraud negates everything, so he is still your man for this time. The current occupant of that title is a facade in name only and incapable of leading this nation. Please arise and intervene in all this Lord! We disparately need your help! We have fallen so far and we’re not sure how to stand against this tidal wave of wickedness. I pray Lord for a tsunami of righteousness to sweep across this land from coast to coast. I pray for godly leadership at every level of government. Give us godly leaders who know how to get things done, who have a sense of right and wrong and who are not afraid to stand for you, and your word. Help us to shake off the stupor and stand! Help us to unite in righteousness and tear down all the walls wickedness has and is erecting. Help us Father and make right all the wrong being foisted upon us. Give us wisdom and courage to stand and fight, so we can defeat these giants of iniquity! Bless our true righteous leaders and grant us great favor in taking back this land from the wicked. I pray in Jesus’ mighty name! Amen!

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