Awake America!

As I read this passage this morning, I sensed the Lord speaking to America. Yes the days are dark and gloomy with evil everywhere we look. But, the Lord of Hosts!

Insensitive to God

13 This is what the Lord says about these people:
“They come near to me with hollow words and honor me superficially with their lips; all the while their hearts run far away from me! Their worship is nothing more than man-made rules.
14 So therefore, I will again jolt this people awake with astonishing wonders upon wonders! And the wisdom of their wise ones will fail, and the intelligent know-it-alls will have no explanations.
15 Woe to you who think you can hide your plan from the Lord Yahweh. Ha! Do you actually think your secret schemes are so hidden that you say, ‘Who sees us doing this? No one knows what we’re doing!’
16 Oh, how great is your perversion! Who is more intelligent—the potter or the clay?
Should a created thing say to its creator, ‘You didn’t make me’?
Should a clay pot say to the potter, ‘You don’t understand’?”

Our Future Hope
17 Before you know it, America will be transformed into a fruitful field, and the fruitful field will seem like a forest.
18 In that day the deaf will begin to hear the words that have been written, and out of the darkness and gloom, the eyes of the blind will be opened to see.
19 The meek will overflow with fresh joy in the Lord Yahweh, and the poor will shout their praises to the Holy One of Israel!
20 For the terrible one will be no more, the scornful jester will not be found, and all the lovers of evil will be cut off.
21 Those who make the innocent appear guilty, those who ensnare others with deceitful tactics, and those who lie to keep the innocent from getting justice will likewise be destroyed.

22 So now, listen to what Yahweh, the God of Israel, who redeemed Abraham, has to say to Jacob’s tribes:

“My people will no longer be disgraced, and your shame-face will disappear.

23 For when they see the miracle of the many children that I give them, they will see me as holy and honor me.
Yes, they will honor the Holy One of Jacob and stand in awe of the God of Israel.
24 Those who are in spiritual error will come to understanding, and those who are always complaining will be glad to accept instruction.” [Isaiah 29:13-24, TPT]

But, there is hope and salvation in the Lord! He will deliver us from the hand of the enemy and destroy all the works of the enemy! Praise God! We need to hold on and trust the Lord!

Thank you Father for Your Word – Your sure Word – which we can trust in every situation! Thank you Father for Your lovingkindness, Your mercy which is new every morning, Your faithfulness and Your Grace. Help us to carry on with our faces set like flint – we shall not be moved by what we see or hear – we will only be moved by Your Spirit! We bless you – Lord of Angel Armies! Lord of the Host of Heaven! We bless Your name and Your Word. Donald Trump is still our President and we will never bow our knee to any other than the Lord Jesus! In Jesus’ matchless and wonderful name we pray! Amen!

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