Things are not as they seem

I couldn’t state this any better – so, I’m republishing this from: The Prather Point Newsletter

Propaganda is the pandemic.
Covid is the cult.
The jab is the plague.
The masquerade for morons.
The lawless make law.
The liars the news.
Perverts are praised.
Cops culled.
Troops gelded.
Wolves flock the herd.
But wolves fear bison.
And bison, fear nothing.
Wovoka, Ghost Dance founder, dreamed with Yeshua.
And foretold the return of the grass, the tribes and the buffalo.
Crazy Horse’s vision saw the red race rising again
As a blessing for a sick world.

The frog boils slowly.

But when the supply lines are slit, and the smoke clears,
Its sick, stupid slaves, against free, wild warriors.
The fearful against the fearless.

Soft metrosexuals with pets, versus hard vets with children.
And the red line our doorstep.

It has begun. Again.

Have NO fear! Do not listen to the mainstream media. Find alternative news sources that speak truth.

Have FAITH! Believe and resist, do not comply. Stand and when you’ve done all you know to do STAND!

Father, we need you to intervene in the affairs of men once more. Do not allow our enemies to gloat over us and do not allow any pestilence to consume us. We thank you and praise you Lord for we are fearfully and wonderfully made! This our hearts know right well! Rescue your darlings from the clutches of the wicked and do it quickly Lord for our strength is tenuous at best. We need your strength Lord and we are trusting you to restore our land, our freedoms and our hope. Bless our efforts and strengthen our faith Lord. We pray in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

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