Never Turning Back

I found my anthem! It's a song by Here Be Lions, Set Fire to the White Flag. We can't give up or grow weary! We run to the battle and not from it! This has been my hearts cry for over 20 years now. And now, is the time for all of God's chosen … Continue reading Never Turning Back

Our National Day of Pray

Lord, we love you with all our heart and souls, with all our minds and all our might. Please help us and heal our land and our people this day - our National Day of Prayer to You the Lord of all creation! You are on Your throne and no-one or nothing is strong enough … Continue reading Our National Day of Pray

Still can’t support Trump?

Exactly! I couldn’t agree more

Mario Murillo Ministries

You’re a Christian who still can’t support Trump? Let me share this fact with you: The people who hate Trump also hate you. They hate your faith. They hate your Bible. They hate your values. They hate Israel. They hate the Constitution and truth be told, they hate America. They hate you even if you don’t support Trump. They will hate you after Trump is gone.

They hated these things all along, only you weren’t supposed to know. You were supposed to be introduced to their radical agenda on the installment plan. But now they are in a frenzy and are throwing their gradual timetable to the wind and rushing everything. They are rushing: drag queens into story hours, gender bending subject matter into grammar schools, radical abortion policies, gun control and censorship. So, what’s their hurry? They are in a rage—such a rage, that they will openly refuse to…

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“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke, January 9, 1795 How true that is! What we see going on in Washington D.C that is being foisted upon us by the democrats is a full out, full scale attack on Christianity, sanity and America. It can be compared to the contrast between the American Revolution and the French Revolution - good … Continue reading “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”