Jesus is Our Portion – Praise God!

For those who believe and are earnestly seeking God, we are told that the Lord is our portion. What an incredible thought! OK, just what is a portion? In the Greek from the New Testament, the word used is meros (G3313), which means to get as a section or allotment, a division or share - … Continue reading Jesus is Our Portion – Praise God!

It is War Then!

It is time for God’s people to rise up and take a stand! For far too long, we have remained silent and allowed the little foxes to wreak havoc and pervert our nation. America was founded as and remains a Christian nation. How do we change the course of events that are sweeping us toward … Continue reading It is War Then!

Where are the Mighty Men?

Indeed, where are the mighty men of renown when we need them the most? Our land, our people and our very way of life are under attack and there are none to stand and oppose the onslaught. Who has the courage to forsake life, liberty and their sacred honor today?  Ecclesiastes 3:1 To every thing … Continue reading Where are the Mighty Men?

Press Release – The Warrior Anointing, Devotional Published

June 2, 2013 Tucson, Arizona The Warrior Anointing, destiny awaits, Devotional, Thirty Days toward Purity has just been published on and is available for readers to purchase here. This volume is a compilation of material from the three volumes of the The Warrior Anointing series and selected entries from this blog. Men and women can walk … Continue reading Press Release – The Warrior Anointing, Devotional Published


Joseph Goebbels would be proud of the work the media in America is doing! After all, deception, obfuscation, subterfuge and downright lying have their place in shaping and controlling the minds of the gullible public. Today, in Amerika, we see the advancement of an extreme plan of propaganda being waged against the unsuspecting American public. … Continue reading Propaganda!