Standing Between the Dead and the Living

Every time I read Numbers 16, The Rebellion of Korah, I am amazed at how Moses stood between the Lord and the people and interceded for their lives. As servants of the Lord, I feel we must do the same. About¬†15,000 people lost their lives in a rebellion fermented by Korah who was a grandson … Continue reading Standing Between the Dead and the Living

And when the Nazis came for their children, it was too late!

What a terrible thought! And, yet - that is exactly what happened. What if they came for your children this very day? Stop and pause to consider your response. Some will think I'm speaking of Germany in the 1930's. But, am I? Simply replace the world Nazis with almost any government or any islamic entity … Continue reading And when the Nazis came for their children, it was too late!

And he departed with no one’s regret

In my natural course of Bible study, I came across the account of the demise of Jehoram, King of Judah, first born son of Jehoshaphat, in 2 Chronicles 21. Can you imagine living your entire life, literally living as a king and when you pass, no one regret's your passing? For some reason, this really … Continue reading And he departed with no one’s regret

Declare, Decree and Do

In our weekly prayer meeting yesterday, the Lord spoke to me and said "Declare, decree and do." He reinforced that with the prayers of several saints and it just became clearer and clearer to me. You see, we are a chosen people. We have been chosen from before the foundations of the world to be … Continue reading Declare, Decree and Do

To Become a Man – Part 3

So far, we looked at rejecting passivity and now lets turn to an examination of accepting responsibility. There are many areas where we need to be responsible but one area that is common to all men is to guard our hearts. We must learn to take responsibility for all of our actions, activities and beliefs. … Continue reading To Become a Man – Part 3

Jesus is Our Portion – Praise God!

For those who believe and are earnestly seeking God, we are told that the Lord is our portion. What an incredible thought! OK, just what is a portion? In the Greek from the New Testament, the word used is meros (G3313), which means to get as a section or allotment, a division or share - … Continue reading Jesus is Our Portion – Praise God!

Where are the Mighty Men?

Indeed, where are the mighty men of renown when we need them the most? Our land, our people and our very way of life are under attack and there are none to stand and oppose the onslaught. Who has the courage to forsake life, liberty and their sacred honor today? ¬†Ecclesiastes 3:1 To every thing … Continue reading Where are the Mighty Men?