I am in Mourning for America

Election Day 2012:  I sat at the bar of a popular seafood restaurant in Palo Alto, California eating dinner while on the run, and a middle aged Asian (Japanese American I think) lady sat next to me. She ordered oysters and a fish taco and wolfed her food down as soon as it arrived. She harassed … Continue reading I am in Mourning for America


Several years ago, while I was attending a local charismatic church, Tucson Area Christian Fellowship in fact, one of the ladies of the fellowship prophesied over me that I was the Lord's Sergeant-at-Arms. I placed this prophesy on the shelf so to speak so I could process and evaluate it later. Since then, I've worked … Continue reading Servant-at-Arms

Press Release

Tucson, Arizona, April 6, 2012 The Warrior Anointing, destiny awaits, Volume 1 - Awakening Laymen has just been published on CreateSpace.com and is available for immediate purchase at https://www.createspace.com/3750493 How does one become a Spiritual Warrior for the Lord Jesus Christ? What is a spiritual warrior anyway? If you are tired of always being on … Continue reading Press Release