What others are saying about The Warrior Anointing, Volume 3, Destroying The Enemy’s Works

Alan E. Koeneman, Tucson, Arizona

I just had the pleasure of reading a proof copy of the The Warrior Anointing, Volume III. When I get a copy I can keep I will go through it again and actually study many parts that are such good teaching that I think all three books should be used as a manual for Full Gospel and all Christians! The prayers at the end of each section make a good summary and personalize this teaching. The liberal use of scriptures brings a high level of credibility and makes it difficult for anyone to dispute the points being made. Great! Overall, very professional writing! I am so proud of you and how God is using you! May God bless you richly in whatever way you need it!

What others are saying about The Warrior Anointing, Volume 2, Discerning Enemy Activity

Gerald Loper, Tucson, Arizona

This book is a detailed “wake-up” call to both born-again Christians (especially) and to unbelievers exposing the influence and methods used by satan in our “modern” society.  I Peter 5:8 tells us to be “ alert, your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”  But, as revealed in this book, the devil is also very “sneaky” and has infiltrated his demons into many “acceptable” practices!  This easy-to-read, but hard-hitting book will inform the reader so “that satan might not outwit us for we are not unaware of his schemes” (II Corinth. 2:11).  Specific prayers of confession, repentance, renunciation and deliverance are offered in this book so that in and through the Power of the Holy Name of Jesus Christ we have the Victory!

Alan E. Koeneman, Tucson, Arizona

I just finished reading volume two and pulled out my copy of my review of volume one. I decided it would be hard to improve on what I said before because it applies to volume two just as well!

This is just what the body of Christ needs right now in these perilous times – a warrior attitude!


What others are saying about The Warrior Anointing

Chief ( review)

This is a good book for those who wish to mature in the faith. Many times we look to giants in our faith to help us understand and renew our relationship with our blessed Savior. This will help you do just that!

Gerald Loper, Tucson, Arizona

The book is very good! How much of it can I quote for my class?

Alan E. Koeneman, Tucson, Arizona

In regard to The Warrior Anointing, since you are not a professional writer, I was prepared for an average, or below average book. However, I was very pleasantly surprised to find myself in a very professionally done work that was obviously carefully researched and documented! You are a very articulate writer but yet don’t send us to the dictionary to understand your teaching. The liberal use of scripture is excellent and establishes credibility. It shows how to use spiritual truths and laws in everyday life to overcome the devils crowd! The prayers for the reader at the end of each lesson are very valuable.

On page 91, I marked a paragraph on The Warrior Anointing that really encouraged me and reminded me of my Army Officers training which taught us that a “command presence” should be with every good officer and be felt whenever he walked into a room. I think this book is a call to arms spiritually speaking and should be used in the teaching and training of new Christians.

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