But, the Warrior replies “I am the storm”.

We hear three voices in our mind – our own, the enemy and the Lord. The Lord whispers to us and speaks encouragement while the enemy always accuses. Every Word from the Lord is a rhema word to us – for our edification or instruction. The enemy always tries to stop or delay our destiny by accusing us or discouraging us. So listen to the Lord and be blessed by his goodness, gentleness and kindness.


In the course of my everyday, mundane and often riotous life, I hear the Lord whisper some amazing things to me. They always touch me in a remarkable way and speak to where I am at that moment. Sometimes, the sense of awe and wonder fades over time, so I wanted to share these and I pray they lift you up and build your faith as they do mine.


As I stood and gazed at a majestic maple tree this morning, I was struck with how much it offered us now. It is 90 to 100 feet tall and has a trunk diameter of 8 to 10 feet. It is perfectly symmetrical and stunning in its beauty. I really love woodworking and I thought the wood from a tree like this would make marvelous furniture. Then, a whisper – “how long has it stood here?” I thought about that – certainly over 50 years and probably more. A lifetime! Sometimes, it takes a lifetime to make good wood! Perhaps, it is the same with us!


As the sun was rising I heard a whisper – “I cause the sun to rise and to set to remind you that I AM always there. I AM with you every day and I AM with you every night.”

I am reminded of what an awesome painter the Lord is – He provides spectacular sunrises and sunsets that only last for a few moments simply because of His love for us – to remind us of His love and that He is greater than the world! Hallelujah! Praise God!


As two of my children were playing their flutes in the car on the way to school – often off key and much too loud and boisterous, I heard the Lord whisper “sometimes it takes a little noise to make music”. Yes Lord – thank you!

5 thoughts on “Whispers

  1. Wow!!! GOD IS all of that. I recently sit before HIS majesty in the park the week before last and the sunlight shimmering off of the water at 9 o’clock in the morning was tremendously beautiful. I fought back the tears of it being so beautiful of GOD to share that with me. It was like we were the only 2 up to see HIS GLORY. I believe that our heavenly FATHER enjoys HIS creation even more than we do, but it is shear bliss when I can sit before HIM and enjoy the very things that HE does. HE loves music passionately, and HE loves laughter, we have laughed many times together as well as cried together. Awesome FATHER!!!. I can’t hold back the tears now, HE truly embraces us. Thank YOU ABBA.

    1. God bless you dear lady! I pray the Lord continues to reveal himself to you in these awesome ways. He loves us so much and his lovingkindness is so precious!

  2. I had truly forgotten this post abkeyte, yes; I am just discovering it after 5 months at this; the middle of the night. What is GOD up to when we leave our tiny little footprints in time? Grateful to GOD. AMEN.

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